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LFCC 2006

Today started at 6am...for me! Emily was good and got up at 6:10, good girl! We kinda missed our train, so we got a train half an hour later and got into Earls Court about 9:30, after queuing all round the the back of the place! We got a free POTC coin, with Jack on it, wooo. Also we recieved a swatch of the fabric used for Storm's outfit in X-Men, yay-ish... 

We were idiots and walked past the Eliajh talk tickets not thinking to get any, idiots. We went to get our autograph ticket (number 0761/2) oh woe! late late finsh... Then we window shopped, of course there were no actual windows but we did the equivelent of what you would do at a stall..... 

Time did pass and we did nothing, then I texted Hannah and then we met next to The Pink Panther car...wooo I know what Hannah looks like!!! and sounds like. We did more non-window shopping with Hannah and her lovely lovely friends! erm...we met K-9, or rather I shouted K-9 and took a photo with him. We saw Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers, I took photos of and with them. 

Hannah and co departed to get Eliajh photo shootness, (lucky!) and Emily pissed around laughing at people in costumes... Then was lunch, we didn't get hot food because we are poor!!!! Once seated and eating we found ourselves sitting next to someone dressed as the tenth doctor (woo!!), he had the coat, suit, shoes, glasses and even a sonic screwdriver!!! and he had the mannerisms down too, he was good...I giggled! 

After lunch we hunted Hannah and her pack down and she squeed at us about touching Elijah...we all giggled attempting to hide our jealousy, and then we parted ways to shop! We bought photos (Emily bought Dom, I bought Dom and we then I bought Hannah Maggie...weird sentance). We walked around some more, picking up postcards, bookmarks and posters...and badges wooo!! My badges are; a red one that says "Trust me I'm a doctor" on it; one of MR DT; The Beatles White Album; Sgt Pepper Album art work. Emily's are; Pink Floyd Dark Side of the moon album art work; a Green Day one; and a Jimi Hendrix one. 

The day past some more and then Hannah had to leave. She game and I gave her the Maggie pic (I should probably mention that she gave me a lovely gift, which I will show you later), we talked about slash, and then she was gone, and I miss her! I <3 Hannah!!!. 

It got to about 4, Emily got sad because the football was starting. We sat outside the autograph area, and just randomly saw Elijah walk past coming back from a break. Finally at about 4:15 we bagan to queue for Elijah, yay!! I could see Elijah's arm and I felt weird, scared kinda, but excited! We chose our photos (please refer to the Photograph section). As we moved closer I took loads of photos...unfortunatly there were no posed photos, but I came close-ish, not really... 

Elijah was speaking to a "Staff" about football, asking about the goalie and who had most possesion, yay Elijah likes football, yay!! He didn't even look at me, he kinda nodded, but Emily got a whole smile and "thanks"...but it's understandable, poor Elijah had been signing things all day! How does anyone do that?

And then it was home time, back tomorrow for his talk and Maggie's autograph for Hannah and JOHN BARROWMAN <3!!!

When we got home we watched extra time of the match, our wonderful boys working so hard without Rooney or Becks, but in the end penatlies defeated us, they always do. We should practice so much more! So our lads are oof home, they did brilliantly!

Then we I  watched Doctor Who, which will go in a different post.

Currently Emily is curled up in her England flag, which was ironically a wee bit burnt by her insense stick, sleeping like a baby...awwww

Ok I've decide the photos will be in a different post, following this one...

Photo Post

Hannah's report
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